Will’s Talks

Are you a family member a professional or just wanting to know more about the complex world of High Functioning Autism (HFA), Asperger’s and related conditions?

For a limited time only… For just a donation of 45p per mile (min £10) from Cardiff in South Wales,  Will can come to you for an hour and inspire, motivate and enlighten audiences through his unique story, using different aspects of his personality to aid understanding.

Building a genuine connection and bond with the audience, Will aims to enlighten you as he takes you on a insightful and emotional journey that will not only challenge the way you view HFA, Asperger’s and related conditions, but will inspire you to gain a better understanding of the complexities , enabling family and professional’s to gain a practical and deeper understanding  of this world.

In addition to the talk, Will can also put aside some time for his surgery sessions for members of the audience to get personal, one on one support.

This offer is time limited so to find out more or to book Will for a talk, please Get In Touch Here