Will’s Story

Screenshot 2015-12-02 14.43.09Life can be hard for anybody and everybody. But it can be especially hard for people who don’t fit neatly into the norms of society. Never has this been more evident than in the life of William Evans, founder of Living With Asperger’s.

‘I Will’  is the story of Will’s journey through life so far. It’s a journey which will chronicle every barrier, every set-back, and every victory. It will take you from his earliest childhood memories, which are those of misunderstanding and miscommunication, to his school days, where he was essentially bullied by teachers and classmates alike, and into adulthood, where at one point his only options seemed to be a life on the streets or a life in jail. In taking you with him on this journey, Will’s aim is not only to provide a glowing beacon of inspiration, but also to shed light on some of life’s darker truths. To illustrate the way in which society can often alienate people with hidden impairments. The way it can let them slip through the hard, concrete cracks of the community. The way it can continuously kick them while they’re down there.

Will’s story is an honest insight into the hardships routinely faced by those who are living with Asperger’s and other hidden impairments. It may challenge you. It may reflect you. It may enlighten you. It may educate you. But in the end, it will surely prove at least one thing: That no matter how hard life can seem, where there is a Will, there’s most definitely always a way.

‘I Will’ will be available on Amazon from January 2016