What People Are Saying About Will

Here are some of the testimonials and feedback about Will…

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And there’s more great feedback …

“Just wanted to say thanks again for your input last week.  I was really pleased with how staff responded and the fact you ‘couldn’t get away’ bears testament to the fact staff really valued the day.”

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed listening to you sharing your experiences with us today. You are an inspiration to everyone with a hidden disability, your determination has clearly got you to where you are now and i’m sure you’re very proud of what you have achieved and continue to overcome. I cant wait to talk to my residents about the help they are entitled to so they can fulfil their goals with the right support. You valuable insight into living with aspergers has made me re think the way I will support individuals with aspergers in the future. I’m sure the knowledge I gained listening to you will help me to give better support as I have greater understanding. I wish you every success for the future and hope you continue to live a rewarding and fulfilling life. I could have happily listened to you talk all day, you really are a wonderful public speaker  with such valuable insight. Thanks once again for sharing your personal experiences with us, together we are all raising awareness.”

“We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to share Will’s story, and his struggles and successes. He allowed us to have a real insight into his Asperger’s on a personal level. The feedback from attendees has been excellent; it was a highly motivating and inspiring event”

“I wanted more of my team to benefit and they did, they all thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and listening to what you had to say… The knowledge and personal experiences that you gave our staff when you came and saw us, I believe has played a great part in improving knowledge and experience.”

“Thank you so much for sending me your book, it’s been a privilege to read it. As a way of overcoming my deafness I’ve developed fast reading skills and I’ve read your entire book.
It’s a great book and I think it will help so many people who might have Asperger’s or know someone who has. I’m so pleased with how well you’ve done in spite of the difficulty, the wrong diagnoses and people’s prejudices. Well done. You should be proud of this book and what you have achieved in your life. I’m going through a tough time myself at the moment and reading your story is inspiring and really helpful. Thank you so much, it’s been a privilege to know you.”