The ‘I Will’ Experience

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The “I Will Experience” is a production telling the story of Will Evans, Founder of Living with Asperger’s, and his journey through life as someone with a learning and social communication disorder.

Will takes you to a disturbing world where an anxious, angry and confused child lives in an existence filled with misunderstanding and miscommunication. It exposes the attitudes of teachers and pupils who bullied and treated him less than human, and the efforts and blunders of the parents who wanted to understand. If Will had been born to a time of awareness, his story would have been very different.

Will moves into young adulthood with an heroic enthusiasm to make life a success. But ambition is cruelly crushed as the same organisational and logistical problems of childhood surface at every turn. Full of amassed anger and frustration, Will descends into a life of run-ins with the police, drugs, being apprehended in a straight-jacket, and a time of living among the homeless

Yet learning through difficulties, and with the help of others, Will is successful in finding answers and solutions to his life’s challenges. With a heart of compassion for those who struggle with similar disabilities, and the experiences of his past, today Will’s time is spent empowering others. He’s proving daily that where there’s a Will, there is most definitely a way

During the ‘I Will Experience’ you will be taken on an insightful and informative journey where Will shares the hardships that came from lack of awareness in a world hindered by his learning difficulty and social communication disorder.

Will reveals the daily challenges he has faced over the years, from struggles to strengths, getting his diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome and how he overcame his demons.



Although this play has been written and performed in public at various events, we are now looking for scriptwriters to work on and enhance the I Will Experience production.

We are also looking for a theatre or production company to work with so the I Will Experience can truly come to life.

If you think you can help please get in touch.